2014 Piknik Theatre Festival closes!!!  Our final performances before our largest audiences closed out Botanica and Romeo and Juliet for the conclusion of the 7th season of Piknik Theatre. If you missed the shows (or want to relive some memories), check out our photos below:

Photos courtesy of George Fargo and Mical Hutson

elvis parsely
steamboat botanica
the evil doctor
mad simon
fundraiser flop
beautiful flowers
did u call me honey?
capulet ball
he shall be endured
the happy couple
the nurse
madam I come!
gaf 026033

galsco, The Great American Laughing Stock Company, Steamboat Springs, CO

Martine Michelle Gray performs the Maori creation story of Ranginui and Papatuanukuin the 2011 Performance of Civilisationu

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